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Rich Warner started practicing in 1996 and opened his first shop Primal Instinct Body Piercing in MA around feb of 2000.
This was a difficult time for the trade in MA, as there was still a ban on tattooing and there was a lot of resistance from the powers that be.
Needless to say it was not an easy road to practice the craft that he loved so much but he was not detured.
Richard quickly became well versed in zoning law as that was the angle the powers were trying to use to prohibit body art .
And ultimately had to sue the city of Malden MA planning board to protect the rights of all bodyartist to practice their trade.
Sense this has continued to help others fight the fight against the powers that be.
Rich always believed there was a new breed of bodyartist that wished to practice.
And that they were young well educated professional artist that just wanted to practice in a safe and responsible manner.
And not be restricted by predjudice and ignorance.
And what better way to do this other than through education.
It became clear to Rich that he would not only have to educate body art practitioners but medical professionals and anyone that wanted to be better informed about body art.
In 2003 Rich opened Primal Instinct  Body Piercing school with the intention of putting more well educated practitioners in the field as well as bridging the gap between the medical industry and the bodyart community.
Rich also personally teaches all classes.

Rich is very well qualified to do what he loves, as part of a 30-page regulation that he and his staff adhere to. He and his staff are certified in CPR/AED, First Aid, and Prevention of Disease Transmission through Blood Borne Pathogens. Richard is also a certified instructor of the blood born pathogen course for the Red Cross. He also holds a certificate in Dermatology for Tattoo artists, hosted by Boston University and the Quincy Board of Health. Richard and his staff are periodically tested and or immunized for Blood Borne diseases such as HIV, TB & HEP. He, as well as all of his staff, adhere to the OSHA Model Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure control plan and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health preventing needle stick injury guidelines.
Primal Instinct Body Piercing School.www.learntoopierce.com is The first and only school for body piercers in MA ,and NH                                                                          
Richard is also licensed to practice in Malden MA, Foxborough MA, Cambridge MA, and New Hampshire.

Primal Instinct Body Piercing and Tattoo studios are among the most trusted and qualified studios in the country. Richard was frustrated by the lack of information available many years ago, when he began his journey to become a Piercing Practitioner. Some years later Richard has prepared to share the vast knowledge and love for Body Art that he has acquired, with a select group of potential piercing practitioners and other professionals
Classes are limited to ten students and run roughly every two months, to insure personal attention for every student.
This is a very intensive hands-on learning experience that will require a very serious commitment by potential students including one week of classes, possibly more of your time. If you are willing to undertake this commitment this will be very rewarding life experience, for you and the people you share your experience with.

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