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On-Site Training

We offer on site training the following terms and conditions will apply:

1: One to two students the tuition cost will be typical $2.500.00 per person.
2: You will be responsible for transportation and accomidations for the instructor and the booking of said transportation.
3: For groups of 3 or more Primal Instinct will  provide transport and accomidations for the instructor.
4: Adequate space will have to be provided to set up a class room, a mock piercing area and a mock clean room all of this could be done with roughly an 8 x 10 room with a counter and a sink.
5: The typical non refundable deposit of $500.00 per person will be required prior to Primal Instinct booking transportation.
we also have a mobile classroom which is approx 8'x30' it would be ideal if there was a 50amp power source as well as a water source available.
if these services are not available please let us know as we can arive self contained
to bring the mobile classroom there will have to be a minimum of three students

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