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Primal Instinct

Primal Instinct Body Piercing School is the first school for piercersĀ in the Massachusetts/ New Hampshire area, and is owned and operated by Richard Warner. Primal Instinct Body Piercing and Tattoo studios are among the most trusted and qualified studios in the country. Richard was frustrated by the lack of information available many years ago when he began his journey to become a Piercing Practitioner. Some years later, Richard has prepared to share the vast knowledge and love for body art that he has acquired with a select group of potential piercing practitioners.

We now offer courses in many cities across the country. Sign up now for a class near you. If there is not a class in your area email Rich and arrange one. He will travel anywhere in the United States or Canada for groups of five or more to share his vast knowledge.

Our focus is to train candidates to be a medically safe piercer. We do embrace the spiritual side of the craft but we feel that is a journey that you should take on your own as well. That being said, this course is not only designed to teach you to pierce but to also teach you all aspects of the business that you will need to know to start up and run a successful piercing business of your own.

It is also the intent of our courses to bridge the gap between the medical community and the body art community by offering education to medical and other none piercing professionals. See informational course for the non-piercer

Always feel free to contact us by phone @ 781 324 6565 or send us a message here.

We look forward to working with you!