Course Objectives
Safety & Sterilization

You will learn proper shop safety as well as all proper cleaning and sterilization techniques, including ultrasonic cleaners and autoclave steam sterilizers.

Healing Process & Problems

You will be able to recognize and diagnose healing problems as well as inform your clients how to treat them.

Piercing Set-Up & Procedure

You will learn to properly locate and perform approximately 30 piercings. Each student will be provided with a full set of basic tools.

Shop Environment

You will learn proper shop set-up to meet regulation requirements as well as safety and function.

Licensing & Certificate Requirements

You will learn how and where to obtain certifications and education in your area, as well as what will be required typically to become licensed .

Additional Course Recommendations

“Skin Anatomy for Tattoo Artists” sponsored by the Quincy Health Department. “First aid/CPR, Prevention of Disease Transmission through Bloodborne Pathogens” sponsored by American Red Cross & National Safety Council.

Exposure Control

You will receive a sample copy of an OSHA compliant Exposure Control Plan and instruction on how to write a plan for your shop. Most states will require that you submit your plan to local health authorities and maintain one in your shop.

Pre & Post Needle Stick Information

You will receive OSHA and NIOSH compliant Preventing Needle Stick info brochures.

What to do if Needle Stick Occurs

You will receive OSHA compliant info on Post Exposure Protocol.

Workplace Safety

You will receive NIOSH Center For Disease Control work place health and safety information contact numbers & brochures.