Piercing Anatomy
Piercing Specific Anatomy

We are now offering the piercing specific course by it self for students in MA and other states that require it at a tuition cost of $500.00.

Course Objectives:
  1. An overview of the nervous system with emphases of the facial nerves
  2. An overview of male and female genitalia
  3. The skin and healing
  4. The integument/shin healing and repair(different types of skin trauma or injury)
  5. The lymphatic system/lymphedema (why piercing openings can not be restricted)
  6. Hypertropic scaring
  7. Follicular cyst
  8. The bodies response to injury
  9. Fever
  10. Complications of inflammation
  11. Contact dermatitis
Next Class:

JUNE 6th

next away class MAY 31st

Atlanta seminar

Atlanta seminar

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next ears only class

the next available ears only class will be held at our Derry NH location on may 22nd