Professional Ear Piercing Courses NH


Due to popular demand, we now offer an ears only piercing course.

Tuition: $1600.00

This course will be geared toward retail service businesses looking to offer ear piercing to their clients, but do not wish to be a full service body art shop. This is not and will not be a shortcut course to piercing, as the potential risk is the same whether a basic ear piercing or advanced genital work is being performed. Our standard safety and sterilization training will be applied to this course.

Course Features & Objectives

This is a three day intensive hands-on training experience. Your instructor has been a practicing professional piercer for over 25 years.

Learn proper anatomical locations for piercings as well as why some locations are excluded.

You will learn proper shop safety as well as proper cleaning and sterilization techniques, including ultrasonic cleaners and autoclave steam sterilizers.

You will learn how to recognize healing problems and how to prescribe proper treatment and guide your clients through the process

We will teach you what to look for as well as what to look out for when choosing jewelry and piercing tools.

Which piercings are safe and should be performed? We will also cover why certain piercings should not be performed due to high risk for the client or the practitioner.

We feel that creative people learn best hands-on. We focus on this technique as well as developing expertise through repetition.

We  offer training in multiple cities and states across the country. Contact us if you do not see a class scheduled for your area.

We offer training at your location for business. Contact us for details.

We limit class size to ten people but usually average about five students per class. Our small class sizes lead to more one-on-one attention from the instructor as well as more time for students to ask questions and practice techniques.

Ear Piercing Course F.A.Q.


Our home location is in Derry New Hampshire. We offer classes here as well as across the country at select locations throughout the year.

No but we do recommend CPR/first aid and blood born pathogen courses. These can be taken at any time.

No. Licensing is done by your local municipality or your local or state health department.

Yes. We provide certificates of course completion that states in the opinion of your instructor that you are proficient with all of the didactic material as well as the hands on portion and have received a passing grade on the final exam.

Yes deposits must be in no later that 30 days before class date.

Deposits are NON-refundable. If you have a catastrophic reason for canceling, please contact us and your deposit may be applied to the next available date at the discretion of Primal Instinct.

Why Choose Primal Instinct Over Other Options?

Primal instinct has been in business for well over twenty years and has trained successful professional piercers working all over the country. As a Primal Instinct student, you learn from one instructor from start to finish. We do not hire outside people to teach the course that we have developed.

My objective in offering this course is to provide clients and the industry with more well educated practitioners. With a vision of practicing in a safe professional manor, our number one priority is public safety and comfort. We do not believe that a person can become a safe piercing practitioner through online or video training. Quite simply, you can not learn from a video as you are watching it. It is not watching you. It is not guiding you. With live hands-on training the instructor has the ability to study you and learn how you need to learn as an individual. We’ll find any habits or motor functions that may make you or your client unsafe and help you work those quirks out. One cookie cutter formula does not work for every candidate as they have to be taught the way they learn best.

We do not treat students like a typical apprenticeship would. There is no hazing, no derogatory names and any cleaning done is to teach you proper septic technique. Also unlike a typical apprenticeship we have the luxury of time and repetition as we are not asking a client to be patient and hang around. This enables you to learn in order.

The other potential problem with a typical apprenticeship is even the most accomplished piercers may not be good at teaching. Teaching is what we do, if we bring something unique to the table it is an ability to study you to find out what makes you mentally comfortable and to feel as you are becoming part of something. You will absorb the material better and you will become a better piercing practitioner as a result of our training.

Why Train in This Location?

Location specific info can go here. Like area attractions, dining, history etc.

NH Course Locations


Address: 2 Chester Road, Derry, NH 03038