Our Credentials:

Primal instinct body piercing school is not required by state guidelines to be a licensed post secondary career or trade school school.

however we have chosen to become a state licensed school of our own accord.

applying to a post secondary career or trade school can be intimidating, and in some cases risky.

we understand this and in an effort to alleviate your potential fears.

we have taken the following steps.

1. we have registered our federal LLC “our company” with the NH dept of state which establishes that we do in fact exist.

2. we have bonded our school which means we have provided a bond to the state.

and if something were to happen that would prevent primal instinct.

from continuing business, and you had paid tuition you could be reimbursed

by the higher education commissioner c/o the NH department of education.

3. we are fully licensed by the NH dept of education.

which means we have met all of the guidelines set forth by the state.

to protect potential students and provided full disclosure of all practices and polices.

on our website and any and all literature we may provide.

4. your instructor is a state licensed double master piercer of over 25 years exp.