I found Rich’s class back in December 2020. I had wanted to get back into the piercing industry after taking a lengthy hiatus. Back when I first started my journey in the industry. It became clear to me that it was extremely difficult to find a well rounded mentor, who was thorough and wanted to teach you the art of piercing. Time and time again I would start an apprenticeship at a shop only to see they were not following standard safety guidelines, Or properly educated themselves. This was frustrating to me that I was not able to find someone reputable enough to educate and teach me how to be a good piercer. When I found primal instinct I was over joyed that the mentor would be someone who had many years of experience. And willing to teach every bit of it to you. While keeping the safety of clients and shop cleanliness as the top priority. This class changed my life and I am so blessed to of been able to have this experience. I was lucky enough to of been the only person in the course I completed. So I had one on one classes with Rich. I learned so much precious knowledge I could have not gotten anywhere else. I am now a confident educated piercer at my shop, and have only Rich to thank for this. If this is a passion of yours. And you are willing to learn then I would absolutely highly recommend this course to you. Rich is patient and is able to work around your learning curves. He noticed things about my technique I never realized. And was able to explain things in a way i could easily understand. I can’t thank him enough for this experience! He is still always available for me to contact, if I ever find myself needing help. Or needing any questions answered. Truly amazing he offers this course!